Unbelievable Pricing

It might seem unbelievable but its true, for a ten pence per VIN Delivered you can now provide electronic proof of delivery to your customers, that's less than a text message costs and its two way!.

No commitment required

It doesn't matter how many VINs you deliver per month, we will only charge you ten pence per VIN at all times. With no on-going commitment you have the freedom to integrate our industry leading solution in your own time and with no pressure. All you have to do is purchase credit in advance of the delivery. (eg to deliver 1 VIN you require £0.10 of credit)

Free Trial

We know this all sounds too good to be true, so try the application out, free of charge. Download the app to a tablet or smartphone and then email support@cardeliverynetwork.com for a CMAC code.

Volume discounts

Everyone loves a discount. Commit to us and we will give you a discount. If you commit to paying for a monthly volume then that is what you will pay for all your deliveries. (eg. commit to deliver 5,000 VINs per month, pay £450 per month and any additional vehicles will be billed at £0.09 per VIN - a 10% discount)

Price per VIN £0.095 £0.090 £0.085 £0.080 £0.075
Commited VINs per month 2,500 5,000 15,000 50,000 150,000
Total fee per month £237.50 £450 £1,275 £4,000 £11,250
Saving per month £12.50 £50 £225 £1,000 £3,750
Discount 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%

Are there really no other fees?

There really are no other fees. The mobile app, hosting services and data collection service are included in our 'dime per VIN' pricing structure. You simply load the app onto each of your drivers' mobile devices and start collecting the data. Of course, your drivers will need to have a mobile device capable of running our app, but in terms of fees paid to us, there are no hidden costs.

Are there any limits on the amount of VINs I can deliver?

There are no limits on how many VIN deliveries you make. We simply charge per VIN on a monthly basis.

How do I top up credits?

Simply buy more credit using a Debit or Credit card.

How can you afford to be so cheap?

Electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePoD) data collection is uniform across the vehicle transport industry. We have standardised our application and built the infrastructure so we can offer it to practically the entire industry on a low and shared cost basis. This gives us the scale to collect the information at low cost and pass the savings on to you.

Are there any limits on the number of mobile apps I can have registered?

There are no limits on how many mobile apps you can have registered. We simply charge per VIN on a monthly basis regardless. You can download the app onto as many devices as you like.

How do you collect committed fees?

We setup a recurring credit card or bank transaction for a committed number of VINs per month, and we will invoice you each month. Every 3 months we will review your usage based on the number of VINs committed and the actual number of VINs delivered. We will invoice you for any additional VINs at the agreed rate.