How it works

There are three simple ways for your business to access the great functionality of vinDELIVER. Whether you're going to be managing one hundred loads or one hundred thousand loads, we have provided you with the simplest and quickest ways to connect.

You can create individual loads manually via our web portal, upload a spreadsheet containing thousand of loads, or connect to your existing transport management software using out simple to use API.

Web Portal - the simplest way to send loads to drivers

The web portal is simple to use, and you can manually create individual loads and send them to your drivers in under 30 seconds. It's a great way to try out the system using our free trial offer.

1 Create a load by entering customer, pickup, delivery and vehicle details.
2 Allocate the load to your company.
3 Assign the load to your driver.
4 Electronic data is captured during pickup and delivery.
5 Access and share electronic data with key staff and customers.

STEP ONE - Create Job
Create a job by entering customer, pickup , delivery and vehicle details into the web portal.

STEP TWO - Allocate to Carrier
Allocate the job to your company -jobs can also be allocated to your sub-contractors using vinDEMAND.

STEP THREE - Assign to Driver
Assign the job to your driver - information will be automatically sent to your drivers mobile application.

STEP FOUR - Collect ePoD information
Collect information on your drivers device - information collected and statuses will be automatically sent back to our servers.

STEP FIVE - Receive new information
Make the new information available to your planners, operational staff, accountant, management team and customers.

What software do I need to access the web portal?

You just need your web browser, and vinDELIVER runs in any modern web browser.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can have?

There are no limits on how many users or drivers that you have on the system.

Can I import or save customers or places I go to make data input easier?

You can import data into the system and save data for reuse at a later date to help speed up the process of data entry.

Can I export data out of the system?

We make all data collected available to you so that you can export data into your systems for billing, auditing, updating etc.

Can customers input data for me?

You can give your customers direct access to the system to allow them to input data and view collected data.

Is the data stored and backed up?

All data is stored and backed up in a highly secure hosting facility. No customer or user has direct access to the data or databases. vinDELIVER is hosted at, a world leader in cloud and managed hosting services.

Can I import loads into the web portal?

Loads can be imported into the system using the spreadsheet import routine.