Vehicle Delivery Mobile Application

We've created the industry's first fully functional, freely available mobile application for the collection of pickup and delivery data. Available via both the Google Play and iPhone app stores the application can be loaded on any number of Android or iPhone devices. The application can run on smartphone devices and tablets enabling you to pick the unit that best suits your business and driver's needs. You have the freedom to select rugged devices supplied by rugged device manufacturers or "free" consumer devices via cellphone operators.

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For a quick view of some of the application in action click here To download the application go to the Google play store or Apple app store and search for "vindeliver"

AIAG damage codes

AIAG damage codes are built directly into the application - just select the codes from the drop-down lists and the codes will be recorded against the relevant VIN. You can then use these codes to manage and report on damage. (eg. by driver, model, pickup location)

Time stamp and GPS location

The application automatically records the location of an activity, and the time of the activity, enabling you to prove that the driver was at the location on the time specified. The location time stamp enables you to use metrics to measure your performance and manage your workforce to KPIs.

Signature and ePaper

The application allows a person to sign their signature on the screen for the pickup or delivery, it also allowing them to supply an email address for the proof of delivery information to be sent to as soon as the delivery is signed off. This email will contain the information signed for, including all vehicle data and damage, relevant customer and carrier information, plus the signatures themselves.

Photographic proof

The ability to take and record photos means your drivers can gather photographic evidence of damage and paperwork. The photos are attached to the job information meaning that anyone can quickly open an image to review a damage claim or paperwork query. Never before have you had so much visibility of your vehicle movements.

Estimated time to pickup / delivery

The person best placed to know when a pickup or delivery will occur is the driver. ETTP and ETTD enables a driver to indicate when they expect to arrive at a destination, and also creates a sense of commitment from the driver to the pickup and delivery. The driver can update the ETTP/ETTD at anytime during the delivery process, giving the best possible chance of a successful delivery.

Track and Trace

The application allows you to track the status of a vehicle delivery as well as track the location of a truck, enabling you to see where a truck is and what it has on-board. The system also allows you to trace where a truck was as well as trace the status of a vehicle delivery over time. 'Track and Trace' helps to change driver behavior, and also keeps you informed about the progress of your deliveries and vehicles as they are in transit.

Enforced VIN at Pickup

The application can be used in situations where a Driver is sent to a location without VIN's, and is subsequently forced to enter the VIN's being picked up. This is very useful when moving large volumes of vehicles out of storage and keeping track of the actual movements. The VIN can be scanned or manually entered.

Unleash business value

Once connected to your existing transport management solution, the newly generated data provided by vinDELIVER allows you to create new metrics in your business based on the information. This in turn will allow you to make more informed decisions and help you to release new business value internally and externally.

Is this the same as EOBR?

Electronic on-board Recording allows a carrier to track their asset (eg the truck) and communicate with the driver using simple messaging. This is vastly different to vinDELIVER which is a tool to track and trace the actual vehicle delivery and record the status, state and proof of delivery. EOBR is critical for operational management of a fleet of trucks and is complimentary to vinDELIVER. See here for more information.

What hardware does the app run on?

The application will run on the Android and Apple mobile operating systems. The app runs on many devices and requires the device to have network access, rear facing camera, GPS and a touchscreen greater than 3.5 inches. Optionally the devices can have a 1D Barcode scanner, RFID reader or Near Field reader. The devices can also be semi or fully rugged depending on your requirements. See here for more information.

How do I get the application?

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App store. Search for "CarDeliveryNetwork" to find the application. If you have a locked down Android device then the application can be downloaded via browser or email.

Can I customise this app?

The application currently can not be customised as it is a standardised process for vehicle delivery. We will add customisation to the application in the very near future.

Will I get app updates?

The application will notify users of new updates, if they set their unit to automatically update then this will happen without their intervention. Updates are free as they are part of the vinDELIVER service.

Will this work without a mobile signal?

The application requires a network signal to send and receive data only, once data is received on the device it does not need signal for the user to collect data. The application is designed to work offline with all data stored on the device and automatically sent to the servers as soon as a network signal (WiFi or mobile) is available. The data is not removed from the device until it has been secured on a server.

What training will my drivers need?

The application is very simple to use and follows mobile application conventions and the process of vehicle collection and delivery. Training requirements are therefore very straight forward as the drivers are already familiar with filling out paperwork. The application also guides them through the process and ensures all relevant data is captured correctly.

Is my data secure?

All data is secured and backed up in a highly secure and managed hosting facility. All data collected on the device is secured on the device and not removed until transferred to the managed servers, all of your data on the vinDELIVER servers can be relayed to the carriers system using the API and secured by your systems.

What happens if I lose my device?

The application is password protected so no one can gain access to the data without the password, also data is removed from the device when it has been transmitted to the servers so very little data is ever retained on the device. Because the app is free you can just download it onto another device if lost.

My customer wants paper, can I print?

The application can create a paper pdf based on the data sent and collected. The pdf can then be printed by the customer using a tracking ID. The ePoD can also be sent to the customers email address for printing. If the driver has a printer connected to their device then he can also print the ePoD.

What about barcode scanning and RFID?

The application supports barcode scanning and RFID readers using a keyboard wedge interface. This allows a driver to scan rather than data entry a VIN.