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Implementing your own bespoke electronic data capture is an expensive and tricky business. It can take months, if not years, to develop a system that delivers accurate data when you need it and where you need it.

The solution offered by vinDELIVER cuts out the expense and the development time. Our data capture is fast becoming the industry standard, and not only can you get access to our technology for one dime per VIN, you can do it quickly with the support of our developers, and feel secure in the knowledge that our technology is monitored and maintained 24/7.


vinDELIVER uses Car Delivery Network's simple REST API to allow you to create, update and delete your vinDELIVER data through your own systems. From your system you can send information to vinDELIVER and get information back from vinDELIVER as it happens. The API allows you full control and access to your data enabling you to enhance your system to use the newly collected information. vinDELIVER can also store information for you if you cant handle it such as images, signatures and new data fields.

When might I use the API?

There are many situations where the API could be used.
> Let's say you want to send a delivery request to your driver each time a load is allocated to him. You could add the API at the point where you print the Bill of Lading for the driver, so rather than receiving a paper copy they receive the information on their mobile device.
> Or perhaps you have to notify your Shipper of a ETA to delivery
> Or you might want to notify a Shipper when the vehicle has been delivered and the damage that was noted.
> Or you might want to automatically trigger a invoice when the delivery occurs
> Or you might want to initiate a damage claim if driver damage was noted
> Or you might want to automatically send a ePOD to your shipper on vehicle delivery
> Or you might want to know what driver delivers on time, with least damage
> Or you might need to historically look at the delivery paperwork
> Or you might need to prove that a delivery did occur and when and where
The list goes on.

How does it work?

Access to the API requires authentication with an API key. This is available through your vinDELIVER login. Once authenticated you can access the REST API.
For more information on the API goto API HELP

Need some help?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.