Finally, the automotive logistics carrier industry can go paperless and real-time. Unleash true operational value and deliver increased customer satisfaction by leveraging an industry shared service. We have eliminated the expensive technology barriers holding back the automotive logistics industry

Now any carrier, any driver, on any device can capture your information in the field giving you instant damage notification with photos, irrefutable proof of delivery and information that will deliver you new business value. Carriers can now carry one device at an unbeatable low cost and capture data for any shipper they haul freight for.

A carrier can either pass the data to you via their existing Transport Management System and link to you or we can pass the data to you (irrefutably) via the vinVISIBLE service.

Is there a charge to me for the vinDELIVER service?

There is no charge to a Shipper as vinDELIVER is for carriers and their drivers. A Carrier can send data to Shippers using their existing Transport Management software and Shipper interface. If a Shipper would like pickup and delivery information sent to them directly from the vinDELIVER service in a irrefutable format then there is a small charge per VIN delivered. See VinVISIBLE service.

What does Irrefutable Delivery mean?

The vinVISIBLE service is able to act as a trusted intermediary in the collection of damage data, vehicle sign off information and signatory location time and place. Like a bank we can ensure that the data was collected and delivered to you in a timely, consistent and tamper proof manner. The information is delivered to you via a single interface enabling you to obtain ePoD information from all of your Carriers using a single method. You would need Carrier agreement before this vinVISIBLE information service can be activated.

What if my systems can't handle images or the data collected?

If your systems cant handle the data and formats then via the vinVISIBLE service we can hold this data for you. You can then refer to images from your system as url's or use the vinVISIBLE Web Portal to access the data. The Shipper interface can send partial data to your system (eg delivery report) and retain the rest of the data for other functions like damage reconciliation or Carrier Bench marking and reporting. You would need Carrier agreement before this vinVISIBLE information service can be activated.

What Shippers can use the system?

We define a Shipper as a organization who has a vehicle to move. That may be the owner of the vehicle or a broker instructed to arrange the movement of the vehicle or a Carrier who has excess capacity that they want moved by another Carrier. The platform is Trade only.